Green Canyon Pangandaran

Green Canyon is not the Grand Canyon in the USA, but the Green Canyon Pangandaran in West Java. Green Canyon which was originally called “Cukang Taneuh”, in Sundanese to call land bridge, because here there is a bridge with a width of 3 meters made of soil is above the twin cliffs on the river bank and a length of 40 meters which connects the village Kertayasa with the village Batukaras. Spectacular natural wonders you will not encounter anywhere else. Green Canyon name is believed to come from a French tourist who came to the Green Canyon in 1993 because water and abundant green moss.

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Green Canyon is located in the village of Kertayasa, Ciamis, West Java, about 31 km from Pangandaran. When you arrive at the main entrance and Green Canyon parking area, you will see a lot of wooden boats popularly called “Ketingting” lined up neatly on the river bank. Boats are what will bring you to the Green Canyon with Rp.125.000, 00 costs per boat. 1 boat contents max capacity 6 people.

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traveling to indonesia

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This amazing attraction is actually a stream of Cijulang river passing through the cave filled with beauty and charm stalaktif stalagmite. In addition the area is also flanked by two hills, also with the many rocks and a grove of trees. Everything was formed as a natural painting so unique and so challenging to discover.

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traveling to indonesia

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To reach this location tourists have departed from the dock Ciseureuh. Then traveled by boat outboard is widely available there. The distance between the docks with the location of Green Canyon approximately 3 km, this can be reached within 30-45 minutes. Along the way we will pass through a green river Tosca. From this comes the name of Green Canyon. When seen rapids with a narrow groove that difficult to pass by boat means you’ve reached the mouth of Green Canyon. Here is the beauty of adventure roam this attraction begins. From here tourists can go on to the top with a swim or creeping on the edge of the stone. Provided buoy for those who choose to swim. Although to be in this way is fully guaranteed safe trip. Even for children 6 years of age is safe enough to flow down the river by using buoys and guided by the owner of the rented boat.

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The journey will continue to be in a steep basin wall on either side of the river flow. Walls to present its own beauty, which is unique, shaped like a cave whose roof has collapsed. Also in the top several times visitors will pass through the stalactites are still flowing ground water droplets. After a few hundred meters swimming, will be seen several small waterfalls on the left and right are so captivating. If passed swimming the visitors will arrive at the end of the road, where there are many caves inhabited by bats.

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Flow of this river long enough, so that visitors can swim your heart’s content while following the flow of the waterfall. Besides the beautiful scenery on the water surface, the Green Canyon will become a paradise of its own for those who like to dive. By bringing some diving equipment, stunning views of the basins in the water waiting to be explored and enjoyed, complete with a variety of fish that swim to and fro in the riverbed. For those who like to challenge the adrenaline can jump out of a large rock with a height of 5m deep into the river bed.

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For those of you who really want to enjoy the beauty of the attractions Green Canyon should be familiar with the seasons. Because the best time to enjoy the beauty of this attraction is a few moments after entering the dry season. Because of the rainy season is very swift river currents and water color will be brown.

Before you decide to go to the Green Canyon, you should first prepare enough cash. The reason is, there is no bank or ATM. For ATM, lodging and full accommodation facilities you can get in Pangandaran.

How to get to Green Canyon Pangandaran?

From Jakarta and Bandung, You can follow a route to Central Java with through Tasikmalaya – Ciamis City – Banjar- Pangandaran.

From East Java and Central Java, for East Java, you can go to the central Java first, then proceed to take the path to West Java by following the path Direction (Purworejo-Kebumen-Wangon-Banjar- Pangandaran-Ciamis).

For those of you who use public transportation, of course, do not bother to think about these. Because the driver will take you direct to Pangandaran (Green Canyon). But to note that where you stay there, you can choose lodging where hotels are widely available in Pangandaran, or can also stay at the attraction Batukaras very adjacent to the Green Canyon.

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  2. Chong says:

    Hi, may l know whether June is suitable for visiting Green Canyon? Is it raining season? Thanks.

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