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Hi Travelers

Here I will share interesting information for all of you who have a hobby to travel. There is a term “The most fun work is a hobbies paid”. Agreed? Of course hehehe.

I’m sure, wherever you go … you’ll bring a camera. Is not it ? Whether it’s expensive or cheap camera, or even just a camera from a smartphone. You definitely want to capture those exciting moments as you travel. You can take pictures from whatever point of view you want. If you often or at least have traveled to a place that is nice or unique, surely you capture those moments into a photo. Perhaps you already have a large collection of photos that you store on your hard disk, flash disk or you print and frame it. And also you share your photos to social media.

Very unfortunate if your collection of cool photos that are only stored on the hard disk or flash disk only. You can sell it online! You can make money from your photos. You can sell pictures of food, animals, landscapes, and any image can make hundreds to thousands of dollars. Instead of sharing your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or something else, it would be nice if you could earn money from that photo.

Many individuals, businesses or companies such as magazines, advertising agencies, web designers, and graphic artists use photography sites to search for photos. The reason is more cost-effective than having to pay professional photographers.

For beginners no need to worry, it’s important you have a camera even if only a camera from a smartphone (at least 6 megapixels), you can sell your photos. Here I will give some tips:

  1. Make sure that these photos are really your own work to avoid copyright infringement issues.
  2. Make sure the photos to be sent are good and no ‘noise’. If necessary learn a little photography techniques and tips.
  3. Make your photo keyword plan that match the object of the photo you want to emphasize. The title of the photo should also be completely appropriate or relevant to your photo.
  4. Include model release for existing photos of people (model). If you do not know what a model release is, you can search in ‘Google’.
  5. Photos should not be logo, branded and anything related to corporate or person alerts. For example: if you take a photo of the traffic atmosphere do not get banners advertising shoes, drinks and others. Any trademark or copyright attributes are also prohibited such as SpongeBob images, Mickey Mouse and others.
  6. Try photos as commercial as possible. You can see examples of photographs of magazines or search on google examples of commercial photography.
  7. The selected photo is not only technically good, but it should fit the market needs. Try searching and analyzing what kind of topics or photo themes are in great demand.
  8. Photos containing pornographic elements are not allowed.
  9. Make paypal account or payoneer to receive payment. Paypal

That’s a bit of tips before you sell your photos.

The next question is where will you sell your photo? There are actually many sites to sell your photos, but I suggest you to try to sell them in Dreamstime. Why? Here is a great place for both beginners and professional photographers and designers to sell their work online. There are 2 main advantages if you sell your photos here. First, you will always learn to become a professional photographer and secondly, the photos you upload will be quickly sold. In addition Dreamstime gives commissions up to 60%. Again before uploading photos, make sure:

  1. Minimum editing. It may be edited but only slightly. Only improvements in brightness and saturation.
  2. Do not add any other objects in the photos other than those already from the camera.
  3. Do not delete any objects in the photo.
  4. Make sure the photos come with good objects, lighting, and compositions.
  5. Keep the resolution at least 72 dpi. The higher the better.
  6. Do not upload photos that have people’s faces. Unless it meets the requirements of the release model.
  7. Prepare at least 10 photos with good quality.

Well… To try it you can directly visit the site:

  1. Open the site click HERE
  2. Then click register for free
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Then check the 2 boxes that are empty to fill the biodata and the statement of approval of terms and conditions.
  5. Once everything is filled click submit.
  6. Continue with email confirmation. Open it and click the link or you can copy the code then paste it in the column on the right page of the dreamstime website and submit.
  7. Login to recognize the features in it.

After you have uploaded your first 10 photos, Dreamstime will review your photos and will be informed later via email. While waiting for the completion of review photos you upload, you can continue to prepare other photos. Immediately upload your best photos next after receiving the news your account is active to increase the possibility of photos sold and you can get paid more.

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