Scratches a Traveler

Millions of kilometers I traveled
Thousands of dollars are spent
Just to see the beauty of the world in other parts…

While under the sea or in the top of the mountain or just sitting on the beach
It feels all too wonderful to miss it…

This probably makes my life more lively


All will never be the same
All will never be forgotten
Mount Bromo is the beginning of my footing for a conviction of my dreams
Always makes me want to go back there
In the arms of Mount Bromo, without bothering …


Your dreams
Your ideals
Your belief
What do you want to pursue
Let it hang
5cm floating in front of your forehead
So that will never escape from your eyes
And you bring your dreams and your belief every day
And believe that you can

—–Taken from the movie 5 centimeters—–



2 Responses to Scratches a Traveler

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