Ora Beach

Ora Beach! Sounds like not in Indonesia. But this is native to Indonesia, in Maluku, North Seram Island. There is a hidden paradise for those who like snorkeling or swimming among the coral reefs. Landscaping colorful coral reefs, sea water is very clear, blue shimmering in the sunlight, fish play in the crevices of coral reefs.

traveling to indonesia

traveling to indonesia

traveling to indonesia

As an archipelagic country, Indonesia was awarded many beautiful beaches and waiting for you to visit. As far as the eye could see, the beauty of ora beach worth aligned with other beautiful beaches like Boracay beach in the Philippines or the beach Bora-Bora in the Pacific Ocean. One thing that is rarely found in other places: the sea is calm, without waves, with almost no waves. Among the mangrove trees, out fresh water springs mixing with seawater. There is fresh water in the sea. It’s amazing!

traveling to indonesia

traveling to indonesia

Ora beach located in the village of Saleman, district North Seram, Central Maluku – Indonesia. Ora beach resort offers unique lodging facilities, namely the form of lodging houses on stilts and float on the sea. Here we are also spoiled with underwater scenery. Beautiful marine life is clearly visible as sea water is so clear. We can immediately see the beauty of coral reefs and coral beaches diverse and colorful as well as fish that swim around it.

traveling to indonesia

traveling to indonesia

When the weather is sunny view on the beach ora very beautiful even at night. Imagine you are sitting on the pier and enjoy the twinkling lights of stars in the sky that shone like pearls. Do not forget to bring a camera to capture the beauty of the night sky at this Ora Beach. Because of its remote location or away from the crowds, this beach is perfect for those craving tranquility from the bustle, away from urban bustle. For newlyweds, this beach can be a perfect place for honeymooners.

How to get to ora beach?

To get to the beach Ora, from Pattimura Airport Ambon, we first headed to the Port Tulehu. We can use public transportation or taxi, the travel time of about one hour with the appropriate price or negotiated rates. After arriving at the Port Tulehu, we go to the Port Amahai, Central Maluku, using speedboats. Travel time required to get to the Port Amahai is approximately 2 hours. After that proceed to the village of Sawai which can be reached by public transport and takes about 2 hours to get there. Then, from the village of Sawai towards Ora Beach, it only takes 10 minutes to cross by boat, and arrived at Ora Beach.

We can use other alternatives to get to the beach Ora, that is by renting a car from Ambon Pattimura Airport and headed straight to the village of Sawai with a trip through Seram and Central Maluku. But we should negotiate beforehand because the trip to the village of Sawai enough away and takes about 1 day and 1 night.

Things to do in ora beach

Diving and senorkeling

In addition to enjoy the beach with white sand and beautiful blue sea, one of the other activities that must be performed is a dive and see the beauty of the underwater beach ora is so amazing. We do not need to dive too deep, only about 2-3 meters diving we’ve been able to see the beauty of a wide variety of coral reefs. We also welcomed with a small fish that swim to and fro. But if you want to do a snorkel, should not be done in shallow waters so that we do not damage the coral, because there are many coral in shallow water at the beach ora.

traveling to indonesia

traveling to indonesia

traveling to indonesia

Across the River Salawai

We can also take a walk and crossed the River Salawai. While across the River Salawai we can see the process of making sago and taking coconuts. On arriving at the mouth of the river bay Solomon, we can see many kinds of birds that were there.

Exploring Manusela National Parks

Right behind the cottage Ora Beach Resort, we can see the hills of the National Park Manusela the background scenery in the resort. Exploring Manusela National Park can also be used as one of the other leisure activities that can be done in the morning. We could use motorized boats and fishing boats to see and enjoy the scenery while traveling around Manusela National Park.

traveling to indonesia

traveling to indonesia

Trekking Forest

In addition to enjoying all the activities on the beach, we also can try trekking and see the beauty of the forest at Sawai. Not just through the forest, but also can visit a wildlife rehabilitation and education center. It is in the village Masihulan. There are dosing cockatoo and parrot birds that can be seen by tourists. It also can move on to a waterfall and a cave located in the middle of the forest. There is a cottage built by local people so that visitors can rest.

traveling to indonesia


It is advised to bring their own supplies of extra food.

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