5 Recommended Hostels in Bandung

1. Bantal Guling Guest House

This guesthouse which located in Dago has variety of rooms from dormitory (bunk bed), double standard, Family 3, Family 4 and Family 6.

Each room has facilities such as air conditioner, hot shower and TV. Free Wi-Fi also available. This hostel also provide 24 hours front desk which enable the guest for late night check in. For double standard the price is around IDR 155.000/night for two person, while the most expensive one is Family 6 for IDR 520.000/night for 6 person. This rate also includes breakfast.

This hostel is located in Bukit Dago Utara II No 20C, Bandung.

2. ChezBon Hostel

ChezBon Hostel is located in Jalan Braga No 45 and very suitable for traveller who wants to explore the one of the most famous street in Bandung, Braga. This hostel is belong to the culinary expert Bondan Winarno.

The price is IDR 120.000/person includes breakfast and free Wi-Fi. This hostel has 6 small room (2 bed), 1 medium room (6 bed) and 2 large room (16 bed). Just below this hostel, there is Kopitiam Oey coffee shop.

This hostel has kitchen and rooftop dining hall, in addition each room has reading lamp, electricity outlet and locker. Toilet and bathroom are also available outside the rooms.

3. Pinisi Hostel

Pinisi hostel is a hostel with eco-green concept which located in Riau. Riau is the city center which famous for its factory outlet and shopping paradise in bandung. This hostel has 2 room types, Mix Bunk Bed with 8 beds for male and Female Bunk Bed with 4 beds for women. The price for each bed is IDR 85.000/night.

This hostel is located in Halmahera Building 4th floor, Halmahera street No 2, Riau.

4. ZZZ Express Backpackers Hostel

ZZZ Express Backpacker hostel is located in Paskal Hypersquare D-2, Pasir Kaliki Street 25-27, near to Bandung Train Station.

The price is IDR 100.000/bed. There is also room with 6 beds for group traveller. Each room has air conditioner and private locker. The bathroom is clean and comfortable and also provided with hot shower. This hostel has spacious lobby with PC Corner for guest.

Traveller can also cook in pantry. The pantry is completed by microwave, refrigerator, toaster and dispenser. The breakfast is also available with menu of French toast, boiled egg, coffee and tea.

5. Unique Guest House Bandung

Unique Guesthouse Bandung is located only 15 minutes away from Bandung Train Station. It’s perfect for travellers who want to stay near the train station and also want to visit Alun-Alun and Pasarbaru which located only 10 minutes away.

There are several room types such as Single Room, Double Room, Double Room (Air conditioner & Private Bathroom) and also bunk bed or dormitory. Dormitory is at price of IDR 140.000 with air conditioner and private bathroom.

Each room has air conditioner or fan, Wi-Fi, TV and hot shower. This hostel is located in Ence Azis street No 34, Bandung.

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