5 Recommended Hostels below IDR 150.000 in Yogyakarta

Retra’s Hostel

This hostel was first opened on 2nd March 2013 with two room types, dormitory and private. There are 10 dormitory rooms with 4 bed in each room. This dormitory room are charge on IDR 85.000 per person. This hostel also has 4 private rooms with room price IDR 350.000 per night.

This hostel has facility of Air conditioner in each room, WiFi, kitchen and laundry. With friendly price and complete facilities, this hostel has become one of favorite for foreign travellers.

This hostel is located in Kaliurang Street Km 5.5. From Tugu Station you can take a cab or if you are from Adi Sucipto Airport you can use Trans Jogja to shelter Manggung then you can walk for about 70M.

Omah Cilik

Omah Cilik has 3 dormitory rooms and 1 private room. The dormitory has 4 to 6 beds with price of IDR 70.000 per person. For private room the price is only IDR 125.000 per night. Both of those rooms have private bathrooms.

Omah Cilik is located in Purwokinanti Street PA1/350, Yogyakarta. Malioboro is only 15 minutes away from this hostel.

What makes this hostel unique is that they paint the wall with sunset and bird.

Edu Hostel

Edu hostels can be categorized as big hostels. This 5 floor hostels has 45 dormitory and 18 private rooms. Even more, there are rooftop and pools.

The dormitory rooms are available in separate floor for male in 3rd floor and female in second floor. With price only IDR 80.000/person you can get full facilities of Air conditioner, Hot Water and Breakfast.

Private rooms are also available with price of IDR 450.000/night, this rooms can accommodate up to 4 person and facilitated by TV.

In public area you can also find a cozy couch with TV.

This hostel is located in Letjen Suprapto Street No. 17, Ngampilan, only 1 km from Malioboro and 2 km from Keraton and Taman Sari.

Venezia Homestay & Garden

If you want to experience a fancy hostel then Venezia Homestay & Garden is the right place. This hostel is located in Surami Street No. 55 Yogyakarta which only 30 minutes away from Malioboro and 1 hour from Parangtritis.

This hostel has complete facilities such as pool and gazebo. This hostels has dormitory room which can accommodate up to 8 people with price of IDR 85.000/person. There are also bungalow for private room with price of IDR 350.000/night.

Both dormitory and private room are facilitated by Air Condition and free breakfast.

Vogels Hostel

Vogels hostel is located in Astomulyo street No 76, Kaliurang Barat Sleman which is quite near with Kaliurang and Museum Ullen Sentalu.

This hostel has three room types which are dormitory, couple and family room. The price for dormitory room is very cheap for only IDR 25.000/person. This room has no air condition or fan because the weather is already cold in Kaliurang. For Family and Couple rooms the price are IDR 250.000/night.

This hostel also provides tour to Merapi to see the beautiful sunrise. The price for this tour is only IDR 150.000 include 2x meals.

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