Tips for budget travelling around South East Asia

For you travelers who dream of vacation outside the country but worry about your limited budget? Don’t be desperate; there are some countries in South East Asia which you can visit with your limited budget. Here are some tips for budget travelling around south East Asia.

1. Perfect Timing

Since most of the countries in South East Asia don’t have much variety in their season, so you don’t need to worry about the season in your destination. Just make sure to avoid the holiday any other special day because the airfare will be higher than usual. Book your ticket many days before your departure date and avoid going on Sunday. It’s also important to plan on how many days you will spend in one country before you to another country.

2. Accommodation

Choose your lodging which near to public transportation. If you travel by yourself, you can choose a hostel or guesthouse with dormitory room so you can stay with 5-10 people in one room. In some countries there are some female dorms with your private lockers, so you don’t need to worry about your belongings. Even more you can just stay in public area such as airport to save your money.

3. Belongings

Always carry only one backpack for all of your stuff. Bring clothes which are easy to wear and easy to be cleaned so you can wear it all over again. It may be practical to use disposable under ware, but it may be a little bit more expensive in certain country.

4. Meal

Make sure that you choose your meal which is suitable with your taste (also make sure that you are in your fit condition). You can try local food in the local market which will be cheaper than the restaurant. Fast food can be one of your options but don’t eat fast food all the time.

5. Visa

For almost all the South East Asia countries, it’s not too difficult to get visa. Especially for Indonesian, you don’t even need to apply for visa to travel around South East Asia countries (for Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand you are given 30 days, Philippines 21 days and Brunei 14 days).

6. Acquaintances

Make friends during your travelling time (if it’s possible you can make friends first with the person who lives in your destination country). You can save your money by staying in your friends’ house. Keep communicate with then since you will never know when you will need their help.

Hopefully the above tips are useful and happy travel 🙂

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