Remember these 5 principles during traveling

After planning your travelling months ago, savings your money and reserve accommodation and transportation, finally it’s the day for you to go start your journey.

But before you start your own adventure, remember these 5 basic principles:

Open Minded

Be open minded and accept the new culture in your destination. If you find new culture which may be totally different with you, just accept and be open minded. You have to respect the local culture and understand their tradition. Just blend with them and embrace the culture.

Don’t make your own boundaries

The best thing in travelling is to try something new and just get out from your comfort zone. If in your daily life you don’t like seafood, now why don’t you try the delicious local grilled fish. Do something different: try bungee jumping or just simply talk to the local people.

Interaction & Communication

One of the most fascinating experiences that you can get during your travel time is to meet other traveller. You can also get lots of new information from the local people. Be a good listener and try to communicate with the people that you meet during your travel time.

Don’t be too hasty

What’s matter is not only how many stamps that you have collected in your passport but how deep your knowledge about those places. If you just try to visit many places in short period you will just get tired and there’s no deep impression about your journey. Just stay any longer, learn and meet more people. Just enjoy every little step of your journey.

Share your knowledge

Don’t keep your experience by yourself. Share it to the world and give them new inspiration through your experience.

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