Tips for budget travel in Bali

When you already bored and tired of your daily work and just want to get a short getaway to relax yourself but you have no budget? Should you just cancel your travel plan just because you have no more money in your savings? Here are some tips for budget holiday in Bali.

1. Separate Funds

You have to separate your budget for accommodation and ticketing from budget for meal and entrance fee. Just bring some necessary money in your wallet and let the rest of your money in your bank account. You can just simply withdraw your money using ATM. It is important for your own safety and no need to worry of robbery.

2. It is not recommended to go to Bali in holiday season or weekend

Holiday season maybe fascinating for some tourist, but they have to be prepared that everything might be more expensive including food, hotels and also plane ticket. In addition you cannot enjoy your holiday due to the crowd place. It’s recommended for you to go to Bali on weekdays because it is saver and you can easily find hotels with cheaper price. When you choose your flight, it will be better to choose night flight compared to morning or afternoon flight due to its cheaper price.

3. Stay in a homestay with affordable price

The area around Poppy Lane and Legian Street are famous for its affordable and cheap accommodation. The room price is start from IDR 100.000 to IDR 350.000 per night and you’ll even get cheaper price if you stay for 3 consecutive days. With that price you can get pretty good facilities such as single bed, fan and bathroom. Always check the hotels information and reputation before you do your booking.

4. You can rent a motorcycle

When you are in Bali it’s okay you want to explore it just by foot, but it can’t be when the destination that you want to reach is faraway. We would like to recommend you to rent motorcycle instead of using taxi or rent a car. It is lot cheaper especially if you rent it for more than 1 day and you can get out from traffic jam easily. Always remember to bargain and get yourself the best price.

5. Eat in place for Backpacker

When you eat, you have to be careful in picking a restaurant. It’s better for you to try local food street, it is not only cheap but you can also experience the local culinary.

6. Buy souvenir in local market

If you want to buy some souvenirs then you can just directly go to local market. Don’t buy in souvenirs shops since the price might be little higher than the local market. In Bali, you can shop in local market and art market such as Sukawati, Ubud art market, Tanah Lot and Kumbasari.

After you read the above tips, now you are ready for your budget holiday in bali, cheers!

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