Beware of Fraud on Online Booking Hotel

Travelers, don’t you remember how to book hotels years ago? You have to find the hotel phone number in the thick yellow pages and call them each one of them just to get more information about the hotel ?

Nowadays you don’t have to do that again since almost every hotel now can be reserved online. Many travel agents also assist online booking service for hotel that you choose.

However this great solution is also susceptible of a crime. This usually happen when travelers do online booking through the third party such as a travel agent or a website which provide hotel discount voucher. Many travelers are disappointed when they actually found that the hotels they already booked did not even exist or the reservation has not been made yet.

Before you plan your travels, Orchia would like to give you some tips just to avoid any fraud when you book your hotel online.

1. Always check the credibility of your travel agent

The security advisor of AVG Technologies Michael McKinnon reminds the traveler to always conscious about their travel agent. If you never do or deal with the travel agent then it will be better if you find out more about their information and credibility. You can do it only by using Google or you can just drop by and visit their office.

2. Ensure that thee booking page and the payment process is protected.

Please always make sure that the booking transaction and payment process is conducted through https:// since the “s” words means that the page is already secured.

3. Using credit cards on your transaction

Transaction using credit cards is saver that using your debit cards which will directly reduce your bank account. However if you are still want to use your debit cards in online transaction please make sure not to share your financial information.

4. Always check the hotels’ terms & condition

Always remember to check the hotels’ terms & condition to ensure that you’ll get what you already paid for. Don’t be hesitate to ask directly to your hotel, if they are qualify and good hotel then they can easily answer your question which may be an easy solution for you.

5. Always beware of “too good to be true”

The travel writer and the book writer ‘The Naked Traveler’, Trinity reminds the readers that “If it’s too good to be true, then maybe it’s not true”. If the hotel promises the fancy room with cheap price that is lower that the market price that you should be suspicious.

It will better if you always check and compare the market price for other hotels which provide the same facility. If the hotel give you price lower than the other hotel price then you should be really careful of fraud and get yourself another “good” hotel.

Orchia would like to recommend trusted merchant like travelmob and expedia for secure hotel online booking.

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