Tips for Travelling Around the world

When you finally decide to travel around the world then you will get so excited and enthusiast to explore the various culture and also beautiful scenery. But before you start your journey here are some tips for your references

1. Do not travel just for collecting stamp in your passport

When you travel for the first time, make a simple and sensible plan. Travelling around the world means knowing and experiencing the culture from every country that you visit. This may need you to stay at least a week in each country. For that reason you may need a good plan so that you can have enough time in every country.

Experiencing new culture may take more time than a short trip. But believe me that it worth every day you spend there more than just collecting stamp in your passport.

2. Make a plan but be flexible.

In doing trip like this, having a sensible plan is a must to keep you focus during the journey. However if suddenly you want to do something that is not in yourplan then you can simply do it. For example if you suddenly want to visit Thailand for two weeks before you are heading to Cambodia because you are interested to their food and culture, then just go for it. Don’t be too strict to your own plan, just be flexible and explore as many as you want.

3. Leave your gadget home

It will be a challenge for a gadget freak especially for the one who always addict to social media. You may want to upload your picture in path or instagram, but believe it or not you don’t need to do that for real. One smartphone is more than enough to connect you with your family and love one and also enable you to check out the social media.
Too many gadgets only disrupt you from experiencing the authentic journey from each country. Just remember that the real experience is priceless compared to your post in social media.

4. Vaccination

Sometimes a traveller may forget to take vaccination before they do their trip. Always remember to take your vaccination to keep your body fit and protect you from unwanted disease during your trip.

5. Don’t be a “Travel Snob”

There are many travellers who feel reluctant to visit popular tourist destination such as Eiffel Tower in France, Great Wall in Beijing or Colosseum in Rome. They choose to explore “unknown” destination which may not be found even in a map.

But these “famous” places may be famous for some reason. They are special and the beauty is appreciated by everyone. You will have plenty of time to visit the “unknown” place, but just trust me that you may be regret when you don’t visit Eiffel Tower when you are in Paris.

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