Borobudur Temple

Borobudur is the largest temple in Indonesia. It is located in Magelang, Central Java around 40km away from Yogyakarta. What makes this temple so special is that this temple is located in an elevated area between two twin volcanoes, Sundoro-Sumbing and Merbabu-Merapi, and two rivers, the Progo and the Elo.

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Borobudur temple is not only a tourist attraction but also a temple for Buddhist people in Indonesia. The name Borobudur has meaning as “temple on the hills” and usually use as center place for Vesak celebration.  Borobudur Indonesia has been awarded as one of World Heritage by UNESCO.

Standing long before Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the great cathedrals in Europe, Borobudur Temple has stood gallantly in the land of Java. The building called by UNESCO as the most magnificent and the largest monument and stupa complex in the world.

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Borobudur temple was built around 8th and 9th century by Buddhist Mahayana  during the reign of Syailendra.  The construction has been estimated to started on 824CE by King Samaratungga and has been completed during the reign of Queen Pramudawardhani a daughter of Samaratungga in 900CE. The architect who involve was named Gunadharma. His name is recounted from Javanese folk tales rather than from written inscriptions.

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Borobudur ten platforms of which the lower six are square and the upper three are circular. The upper platform features seventy-two small stupas surrounding one large central stupa. Each stupa is bell-shaped and pierced by numerous decorative openings. Statues of the Buddha sit inside the pierced enclosures. Borobudur takes the form of a giant tantric Buddhist mandala, simultaneously representing the Buddhist cosmology and the nature of mind.

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The main structure can be divided into three components: base, body, and top. The base is 123×123 in size with 504 Buddha reliefs. The foundation is a square, approximately 118 meters on each side. Approximately 60,000 cubic meters of andesite stones were taken from both Elo and Progo River quarries to build the monument. The stone was cut to size, transported to the site and laid without mortar. Knobs, indentations and dovetails were used to form joints between stones. Reliefs were created in site after the building had been completed.

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Borobudur has 2670 different reliefs which were created after the temple had been completed. This reliefs has to be read in clockwise direction start and end in the east gate. This shows that the main gate of Borobudur is located in the east side as the common Buddhist temple. Representing the existence of the universe, Borobudur perfectly reflects the Buddhist cosmology, which divides the universe into three intermingled separate levels.

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Enjoying the splendor of Borobudur Temple is no enough just walking down the aisle and climbing into the top of the temple. One thing to look out for is to see @Borobudur-Sunrise and @Borobudur-Sunset over the temple. The splash of morning sunlight hitting the stupas and the statue of Buddha makes the grandeur and splendor of the temple being more felt. While standing on the top of the temple at twilight within a row of stupas and watching the sun slowly began to shade will create a calm and peaceful feeling.

Things to do in Borobudur

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Getting There

Getting from Yogyakarta to Borobudur takes an hour by car. Vehicles with a driver can easily be rented at the airport or from hotels for about $35 a day.

There are several flights a day to Yogyakarta from both Jakarta and Bali. Flight time is about one hour for both. Traveling overland from Bali is possible by minibus, but may take up to 24 hours on busy roads. From Jakarta, there are several trains a day, costing about $15 for air-condition.

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