Beautiful Hidden Islands in Indonesia

Indonesia has various attractive sights. There are several places that already well known and crowd by the tourists, however some places are not yet known by the tourists. For those who want to vacation to beautiful places but not too crowded, this below beautiful islands can be used as alternative to be visited.

Dodola Island

Pulau Dodola

Dodola island belongs to the region of Morotai, North Maluku. A hidden place in the Pacific Ocean and far from human habitation which make Dodola a very serene island. In addition to its serenity, Dodola also has stunning views. You can relax, swim, fishing, and dive.

Kadidiri Island

Pulau Kadidiri

White sand, clear blue sea water, and natural reefs are blend in Kadidiri which makes it a very beautiful tourist spot. This Island is located in the Gulf of Tomini, Sulawesi. Do not want to dive ? This island has spectacular view, cool air and also a favorite place for divers.

Lihukan Island

Pulau Lihukan

Still from Sulawesi, white sand, clean sea, and coral reefs can also be found on the island of Lihukan. This island is placed in Takalar and  become favorite place to visit in Sulawesi since the beach is really clean. Like heaven fell down to the earth. So beautiful !

Wetar Island

Pulau Wetar

Eastern Indonesia has a lot of hidden beauty. One of them is Wetar Island which located in the Banda Sea, directly adjacent to East Timor. The island is rich in minerals and has a beautiful exotic beach. Arriving on the island of Wetar You will be greeted with cool air. Large trees towering shows that Wetar island still keeps its natural beauty.

That’s the beautiful islands hidden in Indonesia, fascinating beauty in Indonesia.

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