How To Save Money Before And During World Travel

Dying to book that international vacation that you saw on the internet but can’t afford it at the moment? Or are you simply a wasteful splurge who has a hard time keeping tabs on your expenses? If you are having difficulty saving up for that world travel that you want, stick to these money-saving tips :

Sell unneeded stuff

Yard sale
Release your inner immaterialist hippy and you can gain a few hundred dollars for each set of stuff that you put on garage sale, especially the designer ones. The money you can make out of an extensive sale can buy you 2 to 3 months in India or Southeast Asia. Start evaluating your belongings and pick those that you don’t use or need anymore. Clothes, books, CDs, bags, shoes, furniture, gadgets, and a whole heap of junk — everything has to go.

Stop buying stuff

Stop buying stuff
Chain your inner materialist and just stop buying stuff for a couple of months. Resist buying anything just because it’s on sale, except when something that you need to take with you on your trip.

Cut food costs

Cut food costs
The next few months might be the perfect times to visit mom and dad regularly. Don’t eat out and don’t cook foods that require expensive ingredients.

Cut drinking costs

hard times
If you are a party animal, this is going to be difficult for you but you know you have to do this. Sacrifice a few Friday and Saturday nights for a couple of weeks or months of world travel. Opt to stay at home and limit your liquor intake.

Work overtime

work overtime
When you are asked to work overtime, don’t say no. Think of the additional bucks you’ll earn out of the extra working hours.

Keep a diary of expenses

keep a diary of expenses
When you start documenting all your expenses, you become more conscious of the way you spend your money. Start a weekly budget and stick to it.

When you have already saved enough money and you are already at the place you’ve been dreaming of, you still have to watch your expenses. Here are a few tips how :

Take advantage of your age
If you still can, mention at museums, train stations, and theaters that you are a student. Even if you left your ID at home, sometimes a “puppy dog face” will get you a discount almost anywhere.

Do your homework
A guided tour of the city can take up a huge chunk of your budget. If you really want to save, try to research podcast tours on the internet, download it in your MP3, print out the accompanying route map, and you have your very own guided tour.

Travel when no one else travels
When you book your vacation during off-peak seasons, you can save up to 70 percent of the whole cost. Some places are just as great with lesser tourists and cheaper prices.

Do the local thing
If you hang out with locals, you will be able to avoid tourist traps that will drain your pockets. In addition to that, you can truly maximize your vacation by experiencing their real culture. They can take you to the most authentic and inexpensive places to leave you the best impression of their city. If you don’t have any local friends at your next destination, you can use websites such as CoachSurfing to find somebody who can be your friend for the day.

If you follow most of the tips listed here, you are guaranteed to save an unbelievable amount of money that you can spend elsewhere. Don’t cage yourself in the packaged conventional tours being advertised everywhere that are very expensive. Save up and release your adventurous self to enjoy your world trip.

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