Pieces Of Heaven In Indonesia

A wise man once said ‘if heaven ever leaked, then the pieces of heaven certainly fell down in Indonesia’


A very appropriate phrase to describe Indonesia. A country that rich of natural resources such as coal, petroleum, natural gas, gold, and other minerals.Indonesia Location

Indonesia has a high diversity of living creatures so that Indonesian ecological region known as the “Mega biodiversity” or “high diversity of living creatures” it’s also commonly known as the Indomalaya or Malesia. Based on research that 10% of plants, 12% of mammals, 16% of reptiles, 17% of birds, 25% of fish are live in Indonesia, whereas Indonesia area is only 1.3% of the Earth space. The high diversity of living creatures in Indonesia was ranked third after Brazil and the Democratic Republic of Congo ” (http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indonesia).

Indonesia also has some of the most active volcanoes in the world which make it has rich soil with a very high fertility rate to grow any plant. It is like the lyrics of the song ‘pond of milk (kolam susu)’ sing by ‘koes plus’ even sticks and stones can grow and be a plant in Indonesia.

Tropical rainforest which contributed for large oxygen to the world population also exists in Indonesia (Kalimantan Sumatra, Sulawesi, Java, Maluku and Papua). Indonesia also rich in ethnic diversity and culture from Sabang to Merauke, which have its own unique characteristics, cultural heritage and allure. This unique diversity is not only attract the admiration from the local people but also make tourist want to visit Indonesia.

Indonesia Map

Indonesia is a Republic Country located in Southeast Asia which consists of many islands. Indonesia has approximately 17,000 islands with a land area of ​​1.922.570 km2 and 5,857,483 km2 of water area.

Indonesia is located between two continents (Asia and Australia) and two oceans (Pacific and Indian). Its location has a great influence on weather and climate in Indonesia. Why is that ? Since astronomically Indonesia is located between 6 °N and 11 °S latitude.

Based on the Astronomical location, Indonesia can be categorized as a tropical country since it is located at latitude 6 ° N and 11 ° S. A tropical country is a region that lies between 0 ° – 23.5 °N and 0 ° – 23.5 °S, This area is an area of annual sun pseudo circulation.

Based on its geographical position, the Indonesia has borderline as follows :

  • North: Negara Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, South China Sea
  • South: Country Australia, Indian Ocean
  • West: Indian Ocean
  • East: State of Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, the Pacific Ocean

Crossed by the equator and only has 2 seasons, Indonesia gets relatively warm sunshine throughout the year, this makes Indonesia as a destination for tourists from all over the world most of the year.

Indonesia ranks 4th in the survey of the most beautiful countries in the world. The survey was conducted by First Choice, a travel company site of origin United Kingdom. First Choice asked the travelers to participate in the two social networks Twitter and Pinterest . As a result, Latvia which located in parts of Europe Baltic province ranks first, followed by Mexico , Turkey , and Indonesia. Britain alone is ranked in fifth position. Furthermore, there are more than 100 other countries until the last position occupied by Sudan . The survey was able to prove to the world that Indonesia is a very rich country , as well as a favorite destination for tourists from various countries.

Indonesia are enriched with thousands of islands with different characteristics ranging from white sand as crystal , pink sand until the sand like a big grain of exotic black pepper. Indonesia underwater is a paradise for divers , there is a diving spot from Sabang to Raja Ampat , many divers say 70% of the wealth of marine life in the world is Indonesia.

Indonesia is rich with a diverse culture and natural beauty , as well as a variety of dishes that contain high taste in culinary tourism .

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